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Getting started

The Celestial Expanse can be a bit overwhelming to new players due to the sheer amount of stuff to do, places to see, etc. This guide is made to help new players get started on the server.


There are a few things you should do before you start playing, firstly, there are custom items and blocks that require a resource pack to use properly, secondly, a fabric modpack has been made by our glorious leader C_Corp2002 which while not strictly required to play on the server does help with optimisation/performance. for download links, click here. If you don't know what fabric is then you should probably skip the modpack, it isn't required anyway.

Getting to a planet

You will first spawn at the OrbitHub, a station floating in the void, behind you will be a portal, going through this will take you to Fraktar Gamma, the starting planet.

Once you go through the portal, you will be in the air above the planet with slow falling, you should use this opportunity to look around and see where would be a good landing spot.

Piloting your ship

A modified guppie

One of the items you will start with will be a barrel called 'Structure Box', placing this will spawn in a LiFi Guppie starter ship. Note that once placed it can't be put back in the box so only do so when you are sure you want to.

The LiFi Guppie is a starfighter equipped with a shield and PDLC, to enter the cockpit stand on the gray carpet below the spruce trapdoor and press shift/crouch. This is an elevator, for information on how to control your ship, see the Signs / Controls page.

Getting off Fraktar Gamma

Once you have gotten some better gear you may be tempted to go to another planet, you should first know which planet you want to go to, I recommend going to the Starmap as it will allow you to get a rough idea of the terrain of each planet, once decided refer to the orbit names table to get the planets orbit, this will be important when setting up your rift drive.

To travel between planets you require a rift drive, note that starfighters cannot use rift drives and you will need at least a cargoshuttle to use one, for more info on craft types and their different abilities see Craft types, However a guppie can easily be outfitted to function as a cargoshuttle by adding more wool. Once outfitted you will need to setup a rift drive and teleport sign.

Joining a town

The rules of the Celestial Expanse are such that unprotected chests/containers are fair game, and so joining/founding a town is recommended so that you can protect your items.

To join a town you will first need an invite, if you want to join a town you should ask on the #towns-and-nations channel on the discord server, if you are lucky a mayor will offer to invite you to their town.

Some towns don't require an invite, typing /t list will display a list of all towns, if the town has (open) after it's name this means any player can join the town without an invite, in this case do /t join {town name} to join it.