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Interplanetary travel

One of the main features of the Celestial Expanse is the various unique planets you can explore, but you have to actually get to them first, here's how.

Traveling between a planet / it's orbit

You can only travel between the orbits of planets, not the planets themselves, to get from a planet to it's orbit fly up in any spaceship, once you reach y360 you will be taken to the orbit of that planet. To get back down just descend, once you get to y15 you will teleport to the actual planet.

If you aren't sure whether you are in orbit or not, you can always do the /world command, this will tell you the name of the world you are currently in.

Rift drives

Rift drives are the main way to travel between planets, once fueled, you can easily teleport between different planetary orbits.

Crystallized radon

Crystallized radon is what fuels rift drives, There are a few ways to get it but here are the two easiest:

To fuel your rift drive with radon, place a furnace on your ship and put the radon in the top slot. (where you would usually put the item to be smelted)

Teleport signs

The format of a teleport sign

These are how you tell your ship where to jump to, to make one place a sign and write Teleport: on the top line, The coordinates on the second line, X,Y,Z, and finally the name of the orbit you want to travel to on the third line: PlanetOrbit

An example teleport sign

Right clicking a sign like the one above would take you to EarthOrbit at the coordinates x1000, y50, z1000.

Note that the bigger your ship, the more crystallized radon it will cost to jump, so make sure you have enough to return home!

Coordinate lecterns

A coordinate lectern with a book

Coordinate lecterns are an alternative to teleport signs that allow you to easily store and access many different warp coordinates while taking up much less space then a bunch of signs would, To convert a normal lecturn into a coordinate lecturn all you need to do is place a sign on the front of the lecturn and write Teleport on it's top line.

Entries are stored in a book and quill that must be placed in the lecturn, to choose an entry flip to that page and shift + right-click the lecturn.

The format of an entry is: !x,y,z,OrbitName (Note the ! at the start) Additionally, any text written after a # will be ignored, and can be used to write notes etc about that entry.

An example entry

The above entry would take you to EarthOrbit at x100, y20, z100. And the text 'Comments and such' would be ignored due to being after the #.

Orbit names

Below is a list of most currently available planet's and their respective orbit names

Planet name Orbit name AlphaPrime AlphaPOrbit Arkenia ArkeniaOrbit Earth EarthOrbit Eriban EribanOrbit Europa EuropanOrbit Hydran HydranOrbit Ilus IlusOrbit Luna LunarOrbit Mars MartianOrbit Mercury MercuryOrbit MonNilha MonNilhaOrbit Necrahn NecrahnOrbit NovaLuna NovaLunaOrbit NovaTerra NovaTerraOrbit OmegaPrime OmegaPOrbit Pluto PlutonianOrbit Pyrixa PyrixanOrbit Saturn SaturnOrbit Talcann TalcannOrbit TerrakPrime TerrakPOrbit Titan TitanianOrbit Zara85C Zara85COrbit