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Gadgets enhance vanilla mechanics and add a few of their own, such as teleportation.

Clockwork crafter

A clockwork crafter set to craft paper

Clockwork crafters automatically craft items when supplied the ingredients, to make one place an item frame on a dropper and put the item you want to be crafted in the item frame.

Once supplied with ingredients, the item will be crafted once every second.

Required blocks Dropper (Input/Output) 1 Item frame

>private< signs

A >private< sign preventing any players who aren't animalchaser from using the container

Private signs protect containers from other players by preventing them from being able to open or break them, they work on chests, barrels, furnaces, etc.

To make one write >private< on the top line of a sign, the second line will automatically populate with your username.


A 3-block elevator

Elevators allow you to quickly and easily move up/down, to use one stand on the gray carpet and press space/jump to go up or shift/crouch to go down, note that while there is no limit to how far elevators can be from each other, the further they are the longer it will take to teleport between them.

Required blocks Carpet (any) 1 Quartz block

Aero-Electrolysis chamber

An Aero-Electrolysis chamer, a (custom) Electrolysis tank on top of a barrel, and a redstone lamp beneath that barrel

Aero-Electrolysis chambers are used in the production of gas canisters, note that gas collection only works on gas giants. (Saturn and Jupiter)

Electrolysis Ingredient(s) Result 1 Water bottle, 3 Empty canisters 2 Hydrogen canisters, 1 Oxygen canister Gas collection Ingredient(s) Result 4 Empty canisters 2 Hydrogen canisters, 2 Oxygen canisters 2 Empty canisters 1/25 chance for 2 Neon canisters Required blocks Electrolysis Tank (custom) 1 Barrel (output) Redstone lamp (activation)


CryoVaults are a way of setting your spawn on ships so you can still respawn on them if you move the ship, they also replace the usual 'home' system used on similar servers, use /cryovault {1-3} to teleport to them.

By default, cryoVault '1' will act as your spawn point, to set your spawnpoint to a specific CryoVault just right-click the sign.

Required blocks Sign
Sign text:
Glass blocks (any) 6 Redstone lamp/block 1

Optical teleporter

This teleporter will move you three blocks

Optical teleporters allow you to quickly teleport to certain points, when you right-click the sign on the 'base' (iron block with sign on) you will be taken to the lodestone.

An optical teleporter that turns a corner

To turn corners with end rods use pistons, like with resonant cables. Note that it is possible to connect the [Optic] sign to a remote sign.

Required blocks Sign
Sign text:
Iron block 1 End rod 1+ Lodestone (tp point) 1

Mining beam

Mining beams are great for quarrying, when activated they will mine a 3x3 tunnel in the direction they are facing for 68 blocks, they consume 24 resonant crystals per use and cannot mine any block that the player who clicked the sign can't.

Mineable blocks Dirt Gravel Sand Sandstone Stone Diorite Granite Andesite Any ore Mossy cobblestone Required blocks Redstone lamp 1 Redstone block Furnace Dropper (Input) Sign
Sign text:


A fueled shield

Shields provide protection against ship-to-ship weapons, with different weapon types either doing different amounts of damage, or bypassing them altogether, to make one just put prismarine crystals in a dropper, all blocks in a 15 block radius will be protected.

When a shield takes damage, prismarine crystals are taken from the dropper equal to the amount of damage resisted, once depleted the shield will deactivate and no longer protect the blocks in it's radius.

Shield projectors

Shield projectors are essentially extra powerful shields, protecting all piloted blocks in a 75-block radius, only one can be used per ship.

Each resisted attack will drain 12 prismarine crystals from the barrel.

Required blocks Beacon 12 Gold block 8 Composite block 2 Barrel (input) 1