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Resonant generation & storage

In order to use resonant, you have to generate it first. This page lists the different machines used to create and store resonant crystals.

To create resonant crystals you will need a generator and something to store it in, generators create 'pulses' that charge storage devices at a fixed rate. Connect the output of a generator to the input of a battery/capacitor with resonant cables and it will gain a set amount of resonant per pulse. Each machine has pulse information listed.


While you can store resonant crystals in normal chests/barrels like you would ordinary items, you have to use special storage devices in order to power crafts and collect the crystals.

You can also use the resonant crystals stored in storage devices to power resonant machines, activating the dropper on a battery/capacitor will generate resonant pulses and drain the stored crystals.


A battery: 2 composite blocks and a dropper

Batteries are the more efficient, but more expensive way to store resonant, the dropper is used as the input and storage.

Required blocks Composite blocks (custom) 2 Dropper 1 Stats Capacity 9 Stacks Resonant per pulse 2


Capacitor: 2 iron blocks and a dropper

Capacitors are a cheaper but less efficient storage method, the dropper is used as the input and the barrel is the storage.

Required blocks Barrel 1 Dropper Iron block Stats Capacity 27 Stacks Resonant per pulse 4


Generators are how you actually generate resonant crystals. (go figure) Connect a generator to a storage device, activate it, and you will start producing resonant.

Combustion generator

Combustion generators get their power from burning fuel, to build one just place a redstone lamp on top of a blast furnace and activate it, direct resonant cables out of the back of the furnace and place the fuel where it usually goes.

Required blocks Redstone lamp (activation) 1 Blast furnace (input/output) Fuel info Fuel type Chance to be consumed Coal / Charcoal 1/9 Blaze powder / Magma cream 1/24 Coal block / Oxygen canister 1/90 Enriched Uranium Fuelrods 2.5/100 (Also produces extra power) Pulse frequency Every 10 seconds

Solar panel

Once built solar panels require no maintenance and will generate pulses on their own, (magic!) the only requirements are that they must have sky above them and they must be above sea level. (y63)

Required blocks Daylight detector 1 Redstone lamp (activation) Dropper (output) Pulse frequency Orbit/Space Every 30 seconds Day Every 90 seconds Dawn/Dusk Every 5 minutes Night Every 25 minutes

Wind turbine

Wind turbines are similar to solar panels, once activated they passively generate pulses. But unlike solar panels the frequency is determined by height, rather than time of day.

Required blocks Piston (activation) 1 Wool block (any) 8 Iron bars 4 Resonant cable (output) 1 Pulse frequency In gas giants Every 15 seconds y150 - y255 Every 20 seconds y100 - y149 Every 30 seconds y61 - y99 Every 45 seconds y1 - y60 Every five minutes In orbit/space Nothing

Hydropower generator

Hydropower generators (aka water turbines) create pulses from flowing water blocks, they are very reliable but expensive.

Required blocks Resonant cable (output) 1 Steel block (custom) 12 Piston (activation) 1 A flowing water block below the piston. Pulse frequency Every 25 seconds

Geothermal generator

Geothermal generators are similar to hydropower generators, they are reliable and produce tons of power but are expensive to construct, requiring difficult-to-obtain blocks such as obsidian and netherbricks

Required blocks Resonant cable (output) 1 Nether bricks 8 Obsidian 4 Sticky piston (activation) 1 Iron block Requires at least 25 lava source blocks below the iron block. Pulse frequency Every 12.5 seconds