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Resonant basics

Resonant is a core mechanic of the Celestial Expanse, with it you can refine materials, power spaceships, and even generate fuel for shields.


A horizontal line of resonant cable blocks

To connect resonant machines you need resonant cables, these are custom blocks which must be crafted. (see the ingame /recipes command for how to craft them)


A resonant cable that turns a corner

An important thing to note with resonant cables is that they can only transmit in a straight line on their own. To turn corners you will need to place a piston so that the 'head' is facing the new direction you want the cable to go in.


A single resonant cable line being split into two seperate lines via a splitter

If you want to split your cable to transmit power in multiple directions, you will need a splitter, (quartz pillar block) to use a splitter send the power source into the side of the pillar, it will be evenly output through both ends of it.

Power stations

A constructed power station

By default resonant cables can only transmit power 100 blocks. And even less if using corners or splitters. While this should be enough for most builds it is possible you will need more, power stations 'boost' the power of resonant cables. giving you another 100 blocks of range to work with.

A power station boosting a line of resonant cables

Required blocks Steel blocks (custom) 4 Gold blocks 4 Blast furnace 1

Once built, feed your cable 'through' the blast furnace, this will extend the range.