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Commands reference

Here is a nowhere near comprehensive list of the commands that can be used on the Celestial Expanse

General commands

Generic commands that don't really fit in any category.

Command Description /help Displays links to various resources such as the official website. /recipes Opens a GUI where you can browse the many custom crafting recipes on the server. /vote Displays links to where you can vote for the server. (Excellent command, should use) /afk Displays a message in chat notifying other online players that you are AFK. (Away From Keyboard) /kit Lists available kits, use /kit {kit name} to claim the kit. /es {line number} {new text} Used to edit signs, updates the text at the given line. playerlist discord server only use on the server-chat channels to view currently online players.

Cargo / Trade sector commands

All cargo / trade sector related commands, see Trade sectors for more info

Command Description /cargo Base cargo command, displays a list of cargo commands. /cargo prices buy {sector planet} View the current prices to buy from the cargo sector at {sector planet}. /cargo prices sell {sector planet} View the current sell prices to the cargo sector at {sector planet}.

Movecraft commands

Command Description /pilot {craft type} Attempts to pilot the craft you are in as the given craft type. /release Releases your currently piloted craft. /manover Alias for /manoverboard, allows you to teleport back to your piloted craft for a short period after leaving it. /cruise Toggles cruising your craft in the direction you are facing. /rotate {direction} Rotates your craft to face in the given direction. (left / right) /contacts Lists all contacts. (nearby crafts)