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Trade sectors

Trade sectors are the best way to earn money on the Celestial Expanse, when they work out in your favour, you can easily earn thousands of credits in a matter of minutes.

Each sector has a unique set of items that can be sold and a unique set of items that can be bought, the price of these items is randomised every hour.


Here are the different trade sectors, to check the current buy/sell prices of a sector run /cargo prices buy {sector planet} or /cargo prices sell {sector planet} respectively, for instance /cargo prices buy saturn will show all the items that can be bought from the trade sector on saturn. (Cronosholm)

Note that in the below sections, the 'Items being bought' are the items that you can sell to that trade sector, and vice versa for the 'Items being sold'.

All items being bought/sold accurate on 2022/04/20.


Items being bought

Amethyst block Blaze rod Redstone block Iron ingot Golden filaments Copper plate Sea lanterns Copper ingot Barrel

Items being sold

Hydrogen canister Oxygen canister Neon canister Chiseled stone bricks Brick Polished deepslate block Firework rocket
Location Host planet Saturn Coordinates 1000x, -900z.

Helmheim Centre

Items being bought

Honeycomb Redstone item Conduit Turtle egg Ender pearl Blaze rod Phantom membrane Oxygen canister Hydrogen canister Iron block

Items being sold

Prismarine shard Prismarine crystal Iron nugget Gold nugget Golden carrot Turtle scute Leather White wool block Arrow Chiseled stone bricks Stone bricks Neon canister Raw copper White glazed terracotta block Dark green wool block Dark gray wool block Black wool block Blue wool block
Location Host planet Arkenia Coordinates 1000x, -1000z.

Olympus Mons sector

Items being bought

Gold ingot Iron block Redstone observer Tnt block Charcoal Fire charge Apple Book Aluminum ore Neon canister Barrel

Items being sold

Raw iron Redstone ore Smooth andesite Stone brick Red brick block Polished basalt Slimeball Blaze powder Sand block Resonant cable Oxygen canister Tinted glass Plain glass block
Location Host planet Mars Coordinates 1200x, -800z.


Loading / Unloading

In order to trade with trade sectors, you must first be inside the trade sectors 'zone', To do so just fly to the trade sector, when you get close enough you will get a message similar to 'You have entered {trade sector name}'.

Once inside the trade zone, you can load (buy) or unload (sell) items with loading/unloading signs. To make a loading sign write [load] on the first line of a sign and the amount of items you want to load per action on the second line, for unloading signs do the same but write [unload] instead.

To unload all items of a specific type, you can write all rather then a number, this only works for unload signs.

To use loading/unloading signs, right-click the sign with the block you want to load/unload, for instance if you wanted to load a stack of stonebricks you would make a sign with [load] on the first line and 64 on the second line, then once in a trade sector that sells stonebricks you would right-click the sign while holding a stonebrick item in your hand.