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Multiblock weapons are mainly used for ship-to-ship combat, but can also be used as static defence.

As you can probably tell, this article isn't finished, (and probably won't be for a while as I keep on getting distracted by other things.) so instead please use the weapons section on the official wiki.

Pulse cannon

Pulse cannons do light damage but have a high range, making them good for light defence.

Required blocks Glass block (any) 1 Quartz block Dropper (input) Sign
Sign text:
Ammunition 4 Quartz Range 73

Point defence laser cannon

Point Defence Laser Cannon's, (PDLC's) are the cheapest weapon type, they can also be aimed by a player.

To aim a PDLC, you need to 'assign' a book to the cannon, to do this name a book [PDLC] in an anvil, then right-click the PDLC's sign with the book. To fire aim in the desired direction and right-click the book.

Required blocks Any glass block OR
Any glass pane OR
Iron block OR
Iron bars OR
Any slab OR
Any trapdoor
4-5 Dropper (input) 1 Sign
Sign text:
Ammunition 8 Resonant crystals Range ~110

Ion beam

Ion beams deal no damage to ships, instead they are designed to drain shields, draining 16 prismarine crystals in a 5-block radius around the block hit.

Required blocks Ammunition 16 Resonant crystals Range

Plasma cannon

Once activated, plasma cannons will fire a narrow pulse out of the redstone block, dealing moderate damage to any blocks in it's range.

Required blocks Redstone block 1 Glowstone block Hopper Gold block 2 Dropper (input) 1 Sign
Sign text:
Ammunition 3 Redstone blocks Range 36